Why Educational Gaming?

In a world where computer technology is part of everyday life, it is vital to teach our children to use computers. Educational gaming is a fun way to introduce your child and for them to gain confidence and skills that will help them throughout their lives.

How will I know a Site is right for my child’s age and is safe to use?

Contacting your school for advice on sites that are safe is a really good place to start, as you may find your child is already using software in school that your child will be familiar with. Some sites have the ability for the child to access their own individual sign-in where content relevant to their current stage of learning can be uploaded by their teacher.

Also, there are several online sites such as BBC and CITV which have educational games for children. We suggest always supervising your child whilst they are online to firstly ensure the content they are seeing is safe.

Are Educational Gaming Sites free to use?

Some sites are free, however, your child’s school may have paid a subscription for the Key Stage relevant sites. These sites if accessed from home may not require an additional subscription. Subscription-based education gaming sites tend to offer changing content to keep your child engaged and offer a wide range of skill-based learning.

What will my child gain from using Educational Gaming Sites?

Through the gaming programmes, your child will firstly gain the skills need to use a keyboard and mouse. Although the games are fun and exciting they are often age or key stage relevant to enhance their learning. Through the games, they will learn skills through play that may include English grammar, pronunciation, maths, science, reading or letter recognition, colours and more.  This aids their confidence, concentration and memory as well as multi-tasking skills.

What age is suitable for Educational gaming?

The answer to this is clearly as soon as your child shows an interest in learning. As websites are age-relevant there are ones for preschool-age right through the keystones and onto pre-teens.