The Last of Us Re-mastered

The sequel to The Last of Us which came out in June 2014, the re-mastered version should live up to expectations.

It all starts with an apocalyptic plant Earth where cities lie abandoned and nature is starting to reclaim it. The population was more or less obliterated by a modern plague and those that survived have resorted to killing each other to get an advantage, be it for weapons, food or really anything else they can get their hands on. The main characters are Ellie who was a young teenage girl and Joel and brutal survivor. They must work together to complete the tasks set ahead.


This does not change in the sequel, but you won’t get bored to quickly! You’ll be hooked as your emotions are scattered and jumbled between fear, confusion and anger. This game is set to top the last so hang on in there, as we are very close to the release date: 29th July 2014, some stores are even letting you pre-order this.