PBS Kids – educational gaming app for children

PBS provide an amazing service to parents by providing educational entertainment for children on many different devices, from IPAD and IPHONE’s to KINDLES and WINDOWS Phones and tablets as well as your computer. Meaning that no matter where you are, you can keep your children entertained using an educational platform.
Trying to keep your child interested in learning can be tough, but creating games that will help them improve whilst being fun and challenging is the perfect way to tackle this problem!
PBS have got it nailed with this app, including a game that parents and children can work on together, where your child is introduced to “real-life” type situations like going to the supermarket and the game revolves around this! This type of gaming will help to encourage a dialog between child and parent as they work together to complete tasks, with over 12 games available, this will surely keep your child’s curiosity.