This upcoming brawler game can be played local or online, so it’s a good option if you’re more of an individual gamer, yet it’s great for the family too. With this title, you can enjoy a number of game modes, battle arenas and characters, whilst you’re also able to choose an ability and prove you’re the one Kirby to rule them all. This game will be out later this year and it’s packed with high-end cartoon visuals, with lots of modern colour and fast action, so it’s a very contemporary handheld game in that sense. With so many vintage style games being released this year, it’s nice to see a new cartoon game with stunning visuals, but this game is not entirely family friendly. It’s a brawler so you have to be quick and react fast to come out on top, but with a little time and practice, you’ll see your skills come to shine through, and we can only hope you become the king of all the characters!

If you’re from the 90s and miss everything about those younger years, don’t worry because Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to PS4 on New Years Eve. This game is born from what makes the Dragon Ball TV series so loved and famous; spectacular fights with its all-powerful warriors. The game is very easy to learn and get used to, and you’ll be winning fights in no time, but opponents will of course get tougher, and there will be some neat tricks you need to learn to make it through each and every battle that comes your way. At times you will experience aerial combos, destructible stages and famous scenes from the classic 90s show, but more importantly you’ll fall back in love with the characters so many have forgotten, and you’ll relive some of your favourite childhood moments again. This fast paced game is also good for those who have never experienced Dragon Ball Z, so don’t be put off if you know absolutely nothing about it.

Gaming addictions can lead to serious mental health problems such as loneliness and depression, so the moment your child shows signs that their video games are more important than their life, they need saving. You have to step in. If you are a parent, you should monitor your child and while we feel you should allow for electronic games in your home, be sure to closely monitor their usage. You should also check the content of a game before you allow your child to buy it as there are age restrictions for a reason. It’s important that you don’t let your children turn down opportunities to play outdoors with friends, or go to sleepovers or parties. If they say they’d rather play a video game, be frank with them, and tell them to “get a life”. This addiction really needs to be stamped out from society, and it’s easily done if you watch your child’s behaviour closely.

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony building strategy video game. It has a singer player mode and will be released on the 25th of July, 2017.

The players are challenged to build a new human city or in the alien planet called Aven prime. The player must build different buildings which include several categories like oxygen creation, living quarters, food cultivation and resource mining. You can use flying drones for building, upgrading, recycling and manage everything in the colony. The colony must thrive in difficult environmental conditions like storms, dust devils, toxic gas, and wild storms. There is a moral system which can be influenced by the factors set by the player and citizens can terminate a player if the morale gets too low. A player can get information on the colony from the 12 different menus.

Everyone is anticipating the release of this game and more of gaming reviews are bound to come after its release.

We’re really pleased to be able to confirm some exciting news for you all this week. If you haven’t already heard, the next Assassin’s Creed game will be launched by March 2018.

Finally rumours on an earlier release have been put to bed, and though this will disappoint some, it’s nice to have another title to look forward to in 2018. It is said that this release, the follow-up to Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, will be called Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The name is rather enough to excite us as it hints that it will be set in an earlier time. The game mechanics have evolved over time and there are set to big improvements next year too, making “unique and memorable gameplay experiences that make history everyone’s playground” (according to the CEO, Yves Guillemot).

It’s no secret that the last two games did not live up to expectations, and it sounds as though they’ve really gone back to basics here, which is actually quite exciting.

Yooka-Laylee is one of the most successful games on the Nintendo Switch and you only have to read through the latest reviews online to see just how popular it is. It’s not just any all-new open-world adventure game though, it’s one that allows you to explore very huge and different worlds, as Yooka and Laylee start an epic journey to beat their enemy Capital B. You must used your special moves to tackle a variety of puzzles so you can proceed through the many missions. The worlds are really fun to explore and it almost has the essence of Spyro the dragon when it was first released but it’s friendlier, and what’s great about it is that there really is no other game like it. One of the reasons it’s scoring so well in the gaming charts is because people have fell in love with the worlds and the characters, so even though the gameplay is fairly basic, you’ll still feel the need to keep playing it over again.

As developer of RiME, Tequila Works has envisaged the new release of the adventure game for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Being a discoverer, you will likely be rewarded on the mysterious island, embracing ancient ruins, secrets and thrilling sounds. The different places on the island bring to light exciting episodes, like the one at the big tower – you’ll know what we mean when you reach this level! Soft, expressive tones constitute the drawing style and graphics. The pastel colours fuse in harmony with the mission of the game, guiding the hero to exotic parts of the island and to a bunch of big surprises. The adventurous mood leads the explorer to discover not only the hidden items and secrets, but to help other shipwreck survivors, if any. Playing the demo for just a few minutes will generate a sweeping curiosity to proceed further in tracking down an entirely new constellation of events, creatures and challenge. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Pokemon duel is an online game that was previously known as Pokemon crater or battle arena. Due to the increased fame of the game, many people have started playing it heavily which has provoked the developers to include some video game elements. The game comes in three categories: shiny, dark, and mystic pokemon. Shiny pokemon is found in specifically assigned characters such as the ancient pokemon which you can easily get with 25% or higher defence. As the name suggests, dark pokemon is capable of doing either 25% or even more damage compared to normal pokemon. Mystic pokemon on the other hand has a greater opportunity of scaring away the opponent more than any other pokemon.

When playing, there are a number of ways in which you can buy items. One way is by healing items used to restore HP. You can also use duel balls (poke, super, great, and master), with the master ball being most effective. The final way of buying items is by using evolutionally stones. Here evolution can be ignited by a player or by the fulfilment of evolution standards regarding the Pokemon.

The ones that have evolved due to a given level can be effective at the same level or they can be carried to another level. The items obtained from the evolution stone require a necessary stone from the inventory of the player which can be removed immediately afterwards. Although, there are many ways to get money in the game, only one way has been tested and found to be very effective. The most effective way is by battling any trainer that you come across. Here you need to ensure that you defeat “training” with a very weak pokemon. To be on the safe side you need to ensure that you use a weak pokemon every time. You need to note that a pokemon will be around level 70 when you do this; therefore, you need to catch weaker pokemons for you to be successful.

If you are looking for a real-time gaming experience, it is the time that you checkout with the VR simulator that offers you a wonderful gaming platform that you have never experienced before. Yes, this VR simulator is a computer technology that can largely replicate any gaming environment as real and simulate the player’s physical presence and sensory experience for the user to interact with the gaming environment.

This modern virtual reality gaming equipment comes as a combination of the VR glasses and the simulator, which is in a round shaped cockpit allowing the players to be seated and immerse in a simulated and realistic gaming experience.
Though there are different players in the VR, the modern group is renowned as a professional offering customisable solutions to the customers. They not only offer the latest technology and equipment but also take care of the installation and maintenance of the simulators as a business model for their customers.

If you love video gaming then Horizon Zero Dawn is exactly what you have been looking for. The Horizon Dawn games play trailer uncovers the role of a skilled hunter and explores the world inhabited by the mysterious mechanized creatures. This video game is an action role-playing video game developed by award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of play station’s venerated kill zone franchise and published by Sony interactive Entertainment exclusively for the play station4 systems.

What is exactly Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action roleplaying game set up in a post-apocalyptic world populated with mysterious and strange mechanized creatures. You play as Aloy, a young hunter tasked with un covering the unknown territory populated with robotic features.

When and where will the Horizon Zero Dawn be released?

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on February 28, 2017 in North America and March 3, 2017 in the UK and Europe.

How are Horizon Zero Dawn games play?

According to the E32016 demo, it reveals that Aloy who is you the player in this case can utilize traps, bows and explosives to attack the robotic enemies. Due to the world being over populated by powerful mechanized features, Aloy a member of a small indigenous tribe must hunt them down in order to survive. She can essentially roam about the environment, in-between missions communicate with NPCs and neighboring tribes .Horizon Zero Dawn will also features a realistic weather system where Aloy can hide and ambush the enemies.

Reasons why you should buy the Horizon zero Dawn

  • It features a strong female protagonist who makes it much more exciting. Aloy is such a strong sexed up female protagonist who rescues a man in danger and proves that she cant run away while others are in danger.
  • It is one of the hottest game trailers with few key characters like Aloy