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When considering gaming and learning, the first thought is always purchasing games which offer these educational purposes. However, there are many more ways which gaming can be made educational. One thing which you could consider is building your own game. Start off with a simple board game for you and your family to build and play together. Then get everyone involved in building a more complex online game. Allowing you all to learn the basics of coding online games. Another aspect which you could consider is you all learning about the history of gaming. You do not always need the most recent up to date consoles and games. Go out hunting for older style games and consoles. Allow you all to discover these and learn about how they were made. To then discover how everything has progressed and changed. This may spark a love for improving gaming, taking you down a career in game development.

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to consider what we are going to purchase. Gamers can be some of the hardest people to buy for. I am going to share with you some ideas on what you could buy!

One gift idea for a gamer is some personalisation for their console or pc. This can range from many different things. Whether it is controllers or console skins, to a personalised mouse mat. They are sure to love it.

You could also speak to them and see which games they are interested in. Purchasing them one of these games will be sure to be a great gift. If you can not afford a single game, look into purchasing them a voucher instead.

Every gamer I know has always wanted a gaming chair. Look into purchasing one of these, or putting money towards one. This can be a massage chair or a regular gaming chair. They are bound to love either choice.

Personally, if your child is young and just beginning to look into gaming I would keep them away from any fighting games. Some of these games can include extremely foul language and scenes. It has shown that the more violent games can sometimes make your child more violent. Therefore, I believe it is important to keep them away from these games until they can understand the difference between gaming and reality. If your child is interested in this type of gaming some more appropriate fighting games for younger children include Fortnite and Minecraft. If you do allow your child to play Fortnite I would recommend them not using the sound when playing with other players online as some are older teens and adults who will use foul language. Also make sure you keep an eye on your child when they are playing as it is possible for them to still get bullied. There are plenty of games out there for younger children.

There are many different ways that gaming is helping children. People normally focus on the negative impacts of gaming. Today, we are going to look into some of the positive impacts gaming has on our children.

Firstly, gaming can help to broaden children’s creativity. Certain games encourage children to be creative. Making them wonder more about the world and have more questions answered.

Gaming can also help to build their confidence. It is a big, scary world out there for our children. Gaming is an excellent escape place for children. They can talk to other friends and help them to feel more confident in later life.

Finally, gaming can help them gain skills which they could use in later life. For example, some games offer coding lessons. This can prepare them to gain a career in coding in later life. This can be the fuel to start off their dream.

The answer is yes, gaming can be educational. One game which is an excellent example is Minecraft. In this article, we are going to look at how Minecraft is educational!

Firstly, Minecraft can help children with many skills. One of these being teamwork! They can build together and help each other with tasks. This game isn’t about fighting. It’s about building communities.
It teaches them about the value of items. For example, they can trade with villagers on the game. However, they will have to find a villager who has what they want. Then they will have to give up some of their resources for trade.
Finally, it helps with their patience. Things don’t just happen quickly. For example, if they plant seeds for food. They will have to wait for the crops to grow before they can harvest them.

So yes, games can be educational. Some of them help teach our children important life lessons.

No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda said if it wasn’t for the fans, the game wouldn’t be back, but we are set for a number 3 of this hugely popular title. Ass within the original No More Heroes, there’ll be plenty of motion controls and stunning scenery in an open world that well worth exploring. There’ll be a convoluted, borderline nonsensical plot — something about aliens and a city within the ocean this point around — and many of assassins to fight – but it’s not a game that needs a deeply interesting story. Fan-favourite characters like Sylvia and Kimmy Howell are going to be back, so that is certainly big news. All that, and Travis could be training a protege this time around, too. It’s filled with action. It’s fierce and fun, and we’re sure you’re going to love it. The release date is not confirmed as yet but we expect it to land by the end of 2020.

Great news for those who are enjoying Halo 5: Guardians’ new Warzone Firefight mode, which was released this week in beta form. Developer 343 Industries has announced that it’s extending the beta period an extra day, meaning it will now end on April 19 instead of April 18.

343 said it’s giving players an extra day with the mode as a thank you for their patience, presumably for some launch issues. This being pre-release software, there are elements that 343 is hoping to improve for the final release.

Designer David Ellis said on Twitter that 343 has heard the feedback around the “Defend the Garage” objective and how it’s not explained well enough to players.

“Good feedback and totally agree,” Ellis replied when this issue was brought up to him by a fan. “We need better feedback for players on that objective.”

Starcraft II is a popular title in the real-time strategy genre of PC games. They are games about managing time, resources and military planning. Starcraft II has evolved into a massively popular title where even tournaments are held all over the world with millions of pounds/dollars up for grabs. Due to the competitive nature of the community, gameplay has developed into a highly intensive micromanagement system. Players have to utilise their time with maximum efficiency to try and pull the win out of the bag. It is not hard to believe that regular involvement in these highly intensive actions of planning or reacting quickly under stress can make you smarter. A study has shown that the “stresses of rapid and simultaneous maintenance, assessment, and coordination between multiple information and action sources was sufficient to affect change”. While the game does not directly improve your exams scores, improvements were shown in certain mental functions such as problem solving and reaction times. So playing these types of games may help to keep your brain in shape! Unlike the rest of your body…

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The sequel to The Last of Us which came out in June 2014, the re-mastered version should live up to expectations.

It all starts with an apocalyptic plant Earth where cities lie abandoned and nature is starting to reclaim it. The population was more or less obliterated by a modern plague and those that survived have resorted to killing each other to get an advantage, be it for weapons, food or really anything else they can get their hands on. The main characters are Ellie who was a young teenage girl and Joel and brutal survivor. They must work together to complete the tasks set ahead.


This does not change in the sequel, but you won’t get bored to quickly! You’ll be hooked as your emotions are scattered and jumbled between fear, confusion and anger. This game is set to top the last so hang on in there, as we are very close to the release date: 29th July 2014, some stores are even letting you pre-order this.

PBS provide an amazing service to parents by providing educational entertainment for children on many different devices, from IPAD and IPHONE’s to KINDLES and WINDOWS Phones and tablets as well as your computer. Meaning that no matter where you are, you can keep your children entertained using an educational platform.
Trying to keep your child interested in learning can be tough, but creating games that will help them improve whilst being fun and challenging is the perfect way to tackle this problem!
PBS have got it nailed with this app, including a game that parents and children can work on together, where your child is introduced to “real-life” type situations like going to the supermarket and the game revolves around this! This type of gaming will help to encourage a dialog between child and parent as they work together to complete tasks, with over 12 games available, this will surely keep your child’s curiosity.