Monthly Archives: April 2021

During the early years of our children’s lives, it is important that we allow them to learn through play. We all assume that playtime is just fun and games for children but it is so much more than that. This is why you should be offering your children ample time to play as often as possible.

Playtime allows your children the opportunity to learn. They will be learning skills that they may not learn through sit down lesson time. One of the main skills that they will learn through playtime is sharing. The skill of sharing toys and taking turns can only be truly learnt through the act.

When playing children will also learn vital motor skills. From a young age, when children are playing they will be learning their hand-eye coordination. As they grow older, they will be learning how to multitask through play.

Playtime offers children the time they need to be creative. Allowing them to create their own world to play within, allowing their creative minds to run wild. This is vital for the growth of the child as you want them to be able to come up with their own stories and understand their own minds. This can help them in later life as they will of developed an understanding of their own mind.

Finally learning through play is vital for children’s social skills. It helps them to learn how to socialise correctly with other children, adults and strangers. Learning through play outside allows them to explore and develop their own minds. `

You will find that allowing children to learn through play helps them to become more confident. It helps them to become more resilient and not reliant on their parents. Allowing your child to learn through play will help them to develop into their own little selves, as well as teaching them vital life skills along the way.