Monthly Archives: May 2017

Yooka-Laylee is one of the most successful games on the Nintendo Switch and you only have to read through the latest reviews online to see just how popular it is. It’s not just any all-new open-world adventure game though, it’s one that allows you to explore very huge and different worlds, as Yooka and Laylee start an epic journey to beat their enemy Capital B. You must used your special moves to tackle a variety of puzzles so you can proceed through the many missions. The worlds are really fun to explore and it almost has the essence of Spyro the dragon when it was first released but it’s friendlier, and what’s great about it is that there really is no other game like it. One of the reasons it’s scoring so well in the gaming charts is because people have fell in love with the worlds and the characters, so even though the gameplay is fairly basic, you’ll still feel the need to keep playing it over again.