Monthly Archives: April 2017

As developer of RiME, Tequila Works has envisaged the new release of the adventure game for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Being a discoverer, you will likely be rewarded on the mysterious island, embracing ancient ruins, secrets and thrilling sounds. The different places on the island bring to light exciting episodes, like the one at the big tower – you’ll know what we mean when you reach this level! Soft, expressive tones constitute the drawing style and graphics. The pastel colours fuse in harmony with the mission of the game, guiding the hero to exotic parts of the island and to a bunch of big surprises. The adventurous mood leads the explorer to discover not only the hidden items and secrets, but to help other shipwreck survivors, if any. Playing the demo for just a few minutes will generate a sweeping curiosity to proceed further in tracking down an entirely new constellation of events, creatures and challenge. This is one you don’t want to miss.