Monthly Archives: November 2016

12 Days of Christmas is a card game and it’s designed for 3-8 players, making it perfect for those family Christmas gatherings. The rules of the game are actually quite simple. The dealer hands out twelve cards to each player and the deck consists of 78 cards. So it wil go like this,: one 1, two 2s, and so on up to twelve 12s. Each player then attempts to give away all of her cards before the other players can. The first player can lead a single card, a set of at least two cards of the same value, or a straight of at least two cards. This then means the next player either passes or plays a similar combination of cards (although not necessarily the same number of cards) that includes at least one card that’s as low or lower than the lead player’s low card. If you don’t follow our drift you can read about more of the rules online, but after a few rounds you’ll be flying. It’s very easy to catch on to and it’s one that adults and children of all ages can enjoy, so give it a go, put it in one of your loved one’s Christmas stockings and play with family and friends.