Monthly Archives: February 2016

Far Cry Primal, the latest game from one of the most popular action/adventure series’ of all time, has been released today. The game has gone through such a massive change that it is hard to imagine how they could create a game that was any less like its previous generations of the series, so for those of you who were concerned about this Far Cry just being a reskin of previous games; don’t worry, it’s fine. That being said, the game retains a lot of the same charms as its predecessors.

Primal follows in the same vein as a lot of other games released recently; taking you back to the basics with a survival style game, where the hunt for resources becomes one of the feature dynamics of the game. It takes place in the prehistoric period in the same world as other Far Cry games. You play as a character called Takkar; a simple hunter who, through your journey with him in the game, rises to prominence in his clan and starts to take over as the tribal leader.

Throughout the game, you should expect to repeatedly come into conflict with other tribes and with nature. Set in the mesolithic period in central Europe, your battles with great beasts of the period really do them justice, and the scenes are pretty awe-inspiring. An interesting aspect to your interactions with said nature is your ability to tame an assortment of animals, including an Owl, which develops into an interesting experience of flying around as an Owl and spying on your enemies.