Monthly Archives: December 2015

So, the steam controller has been released for some time now, and the Judgement is in! It has received fairly mixed reviews on most review websites, which is probably less to do with how good the steam controller and more to do with the steep learning curve in adapting to using this controller instead of Xbox controllers or mouse and keyboard. When you look at the more balanced reviews, you begin to realise that the steam controller is a bit of a mixed bag of the good and bad.

The good:

  • It works well with games which were designed for mouse and keyboard, and most other controllers simply don’t.
  • It can potentially be used for fast (jerky) movement, which controller typically can’t quite do, and which can be beneficial in a lot of FPS games.
  • It’s highly customisable.

The bad:

  • The learning curve is steep; it can be hard to make the shift from either side (controller or keyboard and mouse).
  • Games with multiple skills, each requiring unique inputs, still favour K&M.
  • Touchpad can be found to be less precise than Mouse.
  • Touchpad doesn’t seem as natural as a stick.