Monthly Archives: November 2015

Star Wars Battlefront, the new edition, is set to be released on November 19th throughout the UK on Xbox 1, Playstation 4 and PC on Origin. The game promises to be one of the best FPS games released recently, with similarities to juggernauts like Halo and Battlefield.

The game comes with a large number of Gameplay modes for both PvP and Single Player + Co-op (co-op for online too). Although it won’t have a campaign, the extensive game modes offer a tremendous diversity of styles of gameplay which makes up for this shortcoming. You can play in a spaceship in a dogfight with other people or with machines in single player. The game will have the standard team death-match and capture the flag type of battlemodes, but with Star Wars’ unique weaponry, flying combat, battles with the massive machinery of the empire and more.