Monthly Archives: September 2015

Previously the options available for controllers on PC’s have been pretty limited; most people just use an Xbox controller. This is set to change now though, as Valve, the company behind steam, is set to make their first foray into the gaming hardware industry with a controller all their own, which actually has broken the mould as far as most other controllers are concerned.

So what makes the steam controller different? Well, unlike most controllers, this one doesn’t actually have joysticks. Instead, the steam controller has touchpads, which essentially perform the same purpose. This is sure to have some impact on how people play games, but what exactly that is, is yet to be determined, but at the very least it is claimed by steam that they will provide greater precision control.

The steam link will enable gamers to connect their PC’s to a television screen or device anywhere else in their home wirelessly. It is quite similar to an Amazon Firestick or Chromecast, only geared towards gamers.

Both of these new pieces of hardware are set to be released on 10/11/2015, although certain pre-order deals would mean delivery on 16/10/2015.