Monthly Archives: June 2015

As the technological cycle moves forward, it was only a matter of time before the reining PlayStation 3 would be replaced by its successor, the PlayStation 4. The release of the Play Station 4 has lead to a fall in the price of the PlayStation 3, making it the perfect gift for the young ones in the family or for someone who wants to dip his toe in the realm of video games without being heavily invested. The PlayStation 3 is a platform that boasts one of the largest collections of video games today, and even though it’s successor, the PlayStation 4, has already hit the market, the future of the PlayStation 3 is far from bleak.

When making an investment in a video game console, one of the most important factors a person should consider is the price and availability of the games for the console being purchased; As the cost of the games, depending on the enthusiasm of the user, can easily surpass the cost of the console. Due to the extensive library of games that has already been released for the PlayStation 3 and the continued support it receives from its makers, there already exists a sound system of trade when it comes to it’s games.


ESO Release

ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) is set in the same world as the immensely popular Skyrim game, and for fans of that game there are quite a few similarities between the gameplay in the two of them.

The game has been released for some time on PC, and has received some fairly good reviews for an online game, but was only released on newgen consoles on the 9th of June . Right before it was released, they also announced that it would be subscription free, which certainly gives it an advantage over some other online games available on consoles, such as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

When comparing ESO to other online games, the action is reasonably fast paced by comparison and the story is engaging and exciting, which in my experience is where most other MMORPG’s fall down. The voice actors in the game are also reasonably talented, and they are used for every interaction with an NPC, not just for main quests.