Monthly Archives: May 2015

If you’re interested in playing another soul type of game, such as the previous iterations; dark souls and dark souls 2, then now would be a good time to start playing Bloodborne. Those who are really into these games will likely already have completed the game, but for those who just have a passing interest in them you can now get the benefit of a strategy guide, which will hopefully simplify the playing of them game and make it much easier to complete.

The game itself has a number of important differences to its predecessors. This game sees the biggest difference in game mechanics compared to any previous generation of souls game, with a reduction in the number of skills you can level up to just 6, the elimination of equipment weighting seen in previous games, the far more limited shield options (just 1 makeshift wooden shield option which is useless against most enemies), and the introduction of guns. All of this combines in such a way as to make you, the gamer, play in a far more aggressive way than you would have to in any previous game.

If there is anything bad which can be said about the game it is how long the waiting periods are when teleporting from one location to another. This is something which you can and really have to do from the beginning of the game, so the are basically unavoidable.