Monthly Archives: March 2015

Computer games generally have a stigma about them in society, that they are a waste of time and a hobby for children before they meet the opposite sex.

But generally the people in society that hold this stigma don’t play very many video games.

You need to play games a lot to appreciate them. To immerse yourself into a competitive game and develop the sensory awareness required, required just to enjoy the game can take years.

What’s described above is a unique and niche aspect of gaming that many people don’t understand. The competitive gaming scene.

DOTA 2 is a prime example of a game that takes years to learn. The complex mechanics and intense, twitch gameplay is incredibly challenging for the human mind to process.

It is the mental strain that this game and others like it initiate, that helps learning in life.

A mind tempered by the most difficult and complex game that exists will generate problem solving and cognitive abilities that are tailored and challenged by people from around the world.

When you play these games you feel it, the mental strain, it demands it of you and to give it feels incredible.