Monthly Archives: September 2014

Since release, the PlayStation 4 has spent the majority of the time at the top of the weekly hardware chart in the UK, but that run was broken last week as Xbox One have come out on top, which we think maybe down to their promotion with FIFA 15.

According to retail sales figures, the promotion helped the new Xbox increase its hardware sales by 155 per cent last week.

The sales increase could also be down to the fact the Xbox One has been discounted by £20 by a limited-time promotion.

FIFA 15 itself accounted for 80 per cent of all retail sales last week, whilst also boosting PlayStation 4 sales by around the same percentage.


The game isn’t even officially out yet in the UK, but FIFA fans in other regions are already finding faults in the game!

As usual with most FIFA games, there’s usually a complaint about a bug within the first few days of release and FIFA 15 is no different. A heap load of gamers have reported an issue where all of the players run to the halfway line after kick-off as if it was a scene in Braveheart!.

EA Sports have already posted several fixes, including the ‘repair game’ option on Origin, but this isn’t an actual solution to the problem.

FIFA 15 is released here tomorrow, so should be interesting to see if the bugs carry on or if EA release a game patch in time.