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Starcraft II makes you smarter

Starcraft II is a popular title in the real-time strategy genre of PC games. They are games about managing time, resources and military planning. Starcraft II has evolved into a massively popular title where even tournaments are held all over the world with millions of pounds/dollars up for grabs. Due to the competitive nature of the community, gameplay has developed into a highly intensive micromanagement system. Players have to utilise their time with maximum efficiency to try and pull the win out of the bag. It is not hard to believe that regular involvement in these highly intensive actions of planning or reacting quickly under stress can make you smarter. A study has shown that the “stresses of rapid and simultaneous maintenance, assessment, and coordination between multiple information and action sources was sufficient to affect change”. While the game does not directly improve your exams scores, improvements were shown in certain mental functions such as problem solving and reaction times. So playing these types of games may help to keep your brain in shape! Unlike the rest of your body…

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