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Playing computer games is becoming more recognized as a beneficial learning tool for children. Games challenge them to solve problems in a creative manner thus exercising the brain. Online games allow the user to strategize against the computer and also other online players. Visualising information in new wants and practicing how to think and review information you have already learnt. Games help to make learning fun, enjoyable and competitive and as the world and most of its industries are becoming more focused on computers and technology, giving your child access to such equipment from a young age will help them pick up systems later in life. Learning new skills such as touch typing is impressive and a great bonus to add to a young person’s CV and this is one such skill that can be honed by creative gaming. Games like chess help the player to learn strategy, whereas word games such as crossword help vocabulary. Maths and advanced maths can also be injected into games, again putting the child under a time and pressured situation whilst making it fun will help them pick up mathematics more naturally!

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Junior Brain trainer is a great way to boost your kids’s brain power in a fun way. It helps to work in along side your kids’s classroom education and boosts their confidence while keeping your child mentally stimulated motivated on focused on results.

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This game is out on the Nintendo DS and suitable from age 3 and up. It features over 130 exciting and stimulating games that can be played daily as many times as you like. It is recommended that 5 different games are played in one setting that include, quizzes, puzzles that are masterfully crafted to improve spelling, reading, problem solving, logic, memory and much more.

The two game modes that are integrated in the game are as follows:

Pot Luck mode

This setting mixes the levels of difficulty and randomly generated the games to help your child progress even further.

Progressive mode

For younger children that start of with easy questions and progress to harder questions though 3 stages of difficulty to achieve excellence.


Senior producer Sara Jansson of Mirrors Edge 2 in conjunction with E3 has announced the long awaited sequel to Mirrors Edge 2. It has restored “Faith” (the main characters name) in the franchises and set to be their best yet.

The updated physics engine as well as the extremely detailed graphics gave the original Xbox game a classification of its own. Developers have been hard at work rebuilding the levels and coding to make a truly unique gaming experience.

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Some of you may remember the original impact that Mirror’s Edge 1 had. It was the first of its kind. No only was it a first person (semi) “shooter”, it also infused a new kind of movement system synonymous with the movement art form “Parkour”.

Mirrors Edge 2 will bring elements of the original gaming experience, scaling the large landscape engaging in close quarter combat with enemies as well as seeking cover from open gun fire and achieving objectives.

Looking for something fun but educational for your children? Why not try the range of Disney games?

They have made the art and technology of computer characters, easily accessible by having games available online now too! – So you can now have instant educational entertainment for your children.


With games and puzzles, your children will be inspired to use their creative and critical thinking skills whilst being challenging and entertaining. Games have different types of puzzles which are designed to cultivate co-operation, problem solving and exploration. Some will also teach courage, perseverance, trust, and the value of coming to the aid of each another. With online games such as Doc’s Mobile Clinic game, Sofia the First’s Missing Amulet game and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s Holiday Countdown game plus many more, you will be sure to find something to challenge and entertain.

If you are happy to splash the cash on games, then you have your pic of new and old, from Finding Nemo: Underwater World Of Fun to Disney’s Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too.