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Coming soon in 2014 Dr Kawashima is back with the next in line of mentally engaging brain training. Exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS the brain training covers 18 brand new games with a combine total of 30 exercises to challenge your grey matter.

Thus far the previous 2 titles have sold more than 15 million copies in Europe alone so this set to continue its ongoing success in this title. The game is structured around boosting your concentration skills and enhance your working memory which is a prime tool for temporary storage of information for manipulation. As little as a few hours a day could drastically improve your cognitive functioning.

The great thing about this game is the functionality of being able to create bespoke training programmes for your ability and structure your improvements specifically. Devilish Brain Training encourages you to simultaneously recollect y our past problems in the sequence, while remaining focused on completing the task in hand.

Set for a new generation of sports and martial arts games, it has been announced of the first major sporting partnership in over 10 years between EA sports and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships).

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With the integration of the UFC brand and EA sports signature technologies, this is set to be a game that re-defines sport entertainment and mixed martial arts. The technology, graphics system and MMAi system is set to make this a complete MMA experience linking distinct characteristics of each athlete combine with your own specific gaming intentions.

With a mix of striking, ground work take downs and cage attacks it gives the player the chance to hone their skill for the most effective fighting approach and style.

EA Sports have used their signature gaming engines and characters such as Royce Gracie and Bruce Lee to further power the game forward. Every hit will have its own distinct impact and de-colouration as well as the opportunity to get true to life damage and knock outs.

Rocksmith 2014 is the sensation updated version of the popular guitar tuition game that is sure to turn you from a novice to an all out rock god.

This game allows the players to plug their guitar or bass guitar directly into your console or PC and strum along to its huge library of over 50 songs in varying difficulty to learn and master.

There are many different modes in order to find the most effective ways to learn the songs that you love and discover songs that you will love that can stand the test of time. The modes include:

  • Learn a song
  • Session mode
  • Nonstop play
  • Lessons
  • Guitarcade
  • Multiplayer
  • Tone designer
  • Uplay

With those modes there is the chance to tailor your learning approach combine with the frequent updates and downloadable content why not give it a go.  No only is Rocksmith a game, it is an educational tool that will help you master the art of guitar playing.