Monthly Archives: April 2014

Body and Brain Connection is exactly what it says it is. Its a game that requires you have an Xbox 360 with Kinect and a willingness to have fun and learn at the same time. It involves exciting challenges for physical and mental applications for a distinct gaming experience.

This is the first Brain Training game available to purchase on the Xbox 360 and is great for individuals and families. There are over 20 different activities with a whole host of mini games and up to 4 different players at one time. What it even better is it is suitable for all the family for young and old.

The game was developed by Dr. Kawashima, who was the original creator of the Brain Training genre of gaming. It has been upgraded and innovated with the addition of the Xbox Kinect. So monitor your progress, learn and improve yourself while having fun at the same time.


Luminosity is a platform where they have designed a vast collection of games to improve your cognitive functioning. From mobile games to web based training programmes they analyse the point you start from and through regular play help to improve the way your brain works.

The Luminosity scientists in conjunction with 36 top universities in the world have all collaborated to the research to help you bring the best out in you. the games are structured into problem solving, speed, memory, flexibility and attention categories whereby the games are evolving on a regular basis.

Already the community has over 50 million members across 182 different countries. Each of the plans are specifically structured to your own capability and mental functioning. This helps you to focus on such things as remembering patterns and locations, name and facial association, recalling sequences and keeping track of multiple pieces of information. That and many more games as a result of their extensive work in the field and 7 detailed case studies so far.