There is a huge misconception that learning stops as soon as you leave the classroom. But this is not the case, you can continue learning in the home and it doesn’t have to be boring. One way that both adults and children can learn is through gaming. Gaming is a fun way to learn and grow different skills from what you would learn in a generic classroom. You can grow skills in multitasking, problem-solving, and building friendships. These are skills that can be learnt in school, but gaming can help massively. As long as you have a good balance between gaming and your social life outside of the home, you can have an amazing education inside and outside of the classroom. Gaming is something that can help a lot of people to grow in themselves, their mental stability. So take time to play games, grow these skills that can help you in later life.

When you think about gaming, you think of it as being a hobby. Of it being something that you do cause you enjoy it and it’s fun. But, this does not mean that gaming does not help with learning.

Gaming can help with learning in many different aspects. When you are playing games you are learning new skills. These can include time management, multitasking, and teamwork.

But depending on what games you decide to play you can also learn other valuable lessons. For example, there are some educational games created that are made to help with simple skills such as counting, maths, spelling and science. Some games are also made to simulate life so can help you deal with many different life scenarios as well as learn the value of money.

So whilst gaming may be seen as just fun, it is important to remember that it can help with learning. It can be teaching you many valuable lessons and skills.

Gaming, a hobby that some people love and some people hate. But this is a hobby that can help with learning many skills. Skills that you may not get much practice with if gaming was not used. So, what are some of these skills?

One skill that is constantly being improved with gaming is Multitasking and your hand-eye coordination. This is because you are needing to look at a screen as well as use your controls and potentially talk to others. You will become good at multitasking through gaming.

Alongside this, gaming can also help children with learning new skills. Some games add an educational aspect to them. This can help them to improve their spelling, math skills, and problem solving skills. This does depends on what games they play, but the options are there for them to use.

Gaming can bring many benefits with helping us to learn new skills and maintain our current skills.

Streaming is one of the most common ways to earn money through gaming. This involves streaming yourself playing your games to an audience where the number of views and comments transfer to your own pay. So, with that being said, we are going to share with you how to get started in the streaming world.

Set Up Your Account
Firstly, you need to set up your account. When starting off in the streaming world, pay will not come straight away. You need to set up your account, create your following, and get people interested in your content. Setting up your account is just the first step, with needing a catchy name that you are happy to be branded with.

Grow Your Following
You will then need to work on growing your following. To begin with, you will want to invite your friends to follow your account. Those who enjoy your content will be likely to share it with their friends, this is how you will find your growth begins. You need to grow your following to be able to have pay come in.

Post Regular Content
It is all well to have a following for your account but to keep them interested you need to be posting regular content. Now, this does not need to be every day, but it needs to be regular. So choose two or three days a week where you will post your content, this way your followers will know when they can find you. Helping you to gain more views on your content.

There is so much you need to do to be able to earn pay from online streaming. You need to work hard to create your following and keep everything regular. The more effort you put into it, the more you are likely to get out of it. So, give it a chance.

One of the gaming questions we are most commonly asked is when people should let their children play violent video games. Well, today this is exactly what we are going to discuss with you.

So, when should you let your children play violent video games?

The truth is, it is up to the parent when they believe their child is ready to play more violent video games. By violent video games, we do not necessarily mean overly graphic ones, just any that include any form of violence, fighting, or harm being caused.

Of course, when deciding parents need to take into consideration the age ratings on the games. These are put in place to keep younger gamers safe from seeing graphics not suitable for them, and hearing language that may not be suitable for them. Please ensure they are above the age rating before playing certain games.

It is also a good idea for parents to complete their own research into each game. Watching gameplay footage, playing the game themselves, and speaking to other parents about what their children are allowed to play. This can help you decide whether your child is ready for the game they wish to play. Helping to make your decision just that little bit easier.

But parents, do not worry. If you decide your child is not ready to play any violent video games, even the ones suitable for their age, that is okay. You do not need to expose them to violence until you are ready to do so. Until you believe they are mature enough to know the difference between reality and gameplay.

Your child may cause a fuss about playing violent video games, but you do not need to rush to change your mind. Remember you always get the last say, they are your child so you decide when they are completely ready.

Games, most of us love to play them but very few of us actually understand how they work. It is all fun and games being able to go onto your computer and console and be able to play these games. A lot of people are under the misconception that working in the game creation industry is just graphics and testing. But creating games is much more than this.

How games work is very little about the design aspect. There is a lot of coding that goes on behind the scenes. This is the actual creation of the game, it is more looking at a black screen full of random characters that make up the code.

So, if you are thinking about working in the gaming industry, we highly consider you start to learn the different types of coding. Know what you are getting yourself in for as it is not all fun and games.

In a world where computer technology is part of everyday life, it is vital to teach our children to use computers. Educational gaming is a fun way to introduce your child and for them to gain confidence and skills that will help them throughout their lives.

How will I know a Site is right for my child’s age and is safe to use?

Contacting your school for advice on sites that are safe is a really good place to start, as you may find your child is already using software in school that your child will be familiar with. Some sites have the ability for the child to access their own individual sign-in where content relevant to their current stage of learning can be uploaded by their teacher.

Also, there are several online sites such as BBC and CITV which have educational games for children. We suggest always supervising your child whilst they are online to firstly ensure the content they are seeing is safe.

Are Educational Gaming Sites free to use?

Some sites are free, however, your child’s school may have paid a subscription for the Key Stage relevant sites. These sites if accessed from home may not require an additional subscription. Subscription-based education gaming sites tend to offer changing content to keep your child engaged and offer a wide range of skill-based learning.

What will my child gain from using Educational Gaming Sites?

Through the gaming programmes, your child will firstly gain the skills need to use a keyboard and mouse. Although the games are fun and exciting they are often age or key stage relevant to enhance their learning. Through the games, they will learn skills through play that may include English grammar, pronunciation, maths, science, reading or letter recognition, colours and more.  This aids their confidence, concentration and memory as well as multi-tasking skills.

What age is suitable for Educational gaming?

The answer to this is clearly as soon as your child shows an interest in learning. As websites are age-relevant there are ones for preschool-age right through the keystones and onto pre-teens.

If you are a parent like myself, you likely want to encourage your children to play online games that have some form of learning aspect included. It is also likely that as a parent, free online games always take the win.

So, what are some of the best free online learning games?

Many online platforms offer free online learning games that our children can enjoy playing whilst learning. For the younger children, the best place to go is the CBeebies website. On this site, they have a large variety of free online games for young children to play that help them to learn whilst having fun as well as staying safe.

For slightly older children, it can be more challenging to find online games to play that incorporate learning. The best place to go for older children is the CBBC or BBC Bitesize website. This is similar to CBeebies but aimed at older children. With them incorporating the lessons they will be learning at school into fun and free online games.

During the early years of our children’s lives, it is important that we allow them to learn through play. We all assume that playtime is just fun and games for children but it is so much more than that. This is why you should be offering your children ample time to play as often as possible.

Playtime allows your children the opportunity to learn. They will be learning skills that they may not learn through sit down lesson time. One of the main skills that they will learn through playtime is sharing. The skill of sharing toys and taking turns can only be truly learnt through the act.

When playing children will also learn vital motor skills. From a young age, when children are playing they will be learning their hand-eye coordination. As they grow older, they will be learning how to multitask through play.

Playtime offers children the time they need to be creative. Allowing them to create their own world to play within, allowing their creative minds to run wild. This is vital for the growth of the child as you want them to be able to come up with their own stories and understand their own minds. This can help them in later life as they will of developed an understanding of their own mind.

Finally learning through play is vital for children’s social skills. It helps them to learn how to socialise correctly with other children, adults and strangers. Learning through play outside allows them to explore and develop their own minds. `

You will find that allowing children to learn through play helps them to become more confident. It helps them to become more resilient and not reliant on their parents. Allowing your child to learn through play will help them to develop into their own little selves, as well as teaching them vital life skills along the way.

Most people see gaming as a hobby. Something that is just a waste of time, not giving you any extra life skills. Just something to do to pass the time. But this is not the case. There is so much more to gaming than what people first realise. The gaming world offers many opportunities for careers and lessons alike. Today, we are going to discuss some of these.

Learning Opportunities
Participating in gaming comes with many learning opportunities. It is known that gaming can help with multitasking. Due to being in control of the game whilst looking at the screen. This can help you in later life when you need to complete multiple tasks at the same time.
Gaming can also help with your own mental health. Helping you find ways to calm your mind and be at peace mentally. Some games even have you playing with characters who are mentally unstable, helping you to therefore learn about this whilst playing.

Career Opportunities
Within the gaming industry, there are many opportunities to build careers. Participating in gaming from a young age may inspire these careers.
When you think about gaming, one of the first careers that come to mind is becoming a professional gamer. This is now entirely possible thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
Another career path which you may wish to follow with regards to gaming is the design and creation of the games themself. Allowing you to openly design and make games for others to play. Allowing your own creativity to flow and become games that people would enjoy playing.
Finally, some game development companies do require game testers. This is essentially where you will be paid to play games, looking out for any issues, ensuring the game is perfectly playable before sale.

So, gaming isn’t always a waste of time. There is so much good that can also come out of this simple hobby.

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